George Foreign

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A new leap of faith

New album out on Oct 1 2021

An album about trascending the shadow and the process of discovering the hidden within your own self. Recorded between the end of 2020 and the summer of 2021 if features 9 new tracks from garage to folk and psychedelic rock. It’ll be out on all major digital platforms (Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc…) and Bandcamp. I’ll add links here as they’re available…

What we were… what remains…

First album, released on August 24, 2020. A collection of songs I composed over the last 10 years, finally recorded together in a coherent fashion with a common theme: memories and remembering.

George Foreign is a garage/folk/psychedelic project which started back in 2009 in acoustic format and then transformed into a full band:The Foreign Characters

After that I went on making more songs, mostly acoustic until I recently started to compose and record again.